DIRE Studio announces the immediate availability of version 2.7 of their highly acclaimed Viewfinder family of apps for iPhone and iPod touch. Along with small fixes and enhancements, this new version brings three notable new features:

Volume Shutter – Users can now save the current view the same way they take pictures with the Volume Up button on their devices. The headphone cable is also supported. iOS 5 or later is required for this feature.

Custom Cameras – In the Pro and Cine editions users can create new cameras by specifying the effective image size and the lens mount to use. Cine edition/Pack is limited to 36×24 mm maximum custom camera image size, while the Pro edition supports cameras up to image 1000x1000mm size.

Acquisition Formats – Several cameras support recording from differently sized and shaped areas of the whole sensor. Previously these were represented as distinct cameras on the camera list. Now they are grouped together resulting in a more clean and logical camera selection. This feature is also used to set anamorphic recording mode simulation for supported cinema cameras (which includes almost all the cameras that use the ARRI PL mount).

Almost every release extends the list of supported cameras. The most notable new cameras in this release are the entire lineup of Cambo’s technical cameras in the Pro edition and new digital cinema cameras made by Canon, RED and Sony.

Augmenting this release a new, PDF format version of the The Viewfinder Handbook replaces the former web-based handbook. Written by Laszlo Pusztai, the creator of Viewfinder, this eBook is the definitive source for all things Viewfinder.
The Viewfinder Handbook is available free of charge through the app’s web site DIRE Studio Viewfinder Handbook.

Download Viewfinder at iTunes and see DIRE Studio for more information.

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