TeamPeople recruits, hires and manages creative and technical talent in all positions of media production and AV support. The media staffing agency has an impressive client list ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and broadcast networks to production companies and government agencies.


Among all media positions across the US, the position in highest demand in 2013 has been video editors. TeamPeople has placed more video editors than any other media or production position across the US and in the UK. To highlight some of their vetted talent, the company has featured two editors on their website.

The first editor featured is from Washington, DC and is described as an “experienced storyteller” and has experience working for major networks as well as on a variety of corporate projects and independently produced documentaries. The second editor featured is from Matawan, NJ. With over 18 years of video production experience he has worked for public relation firms, advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies and broadcast TV outlets.

By featuring the editors on the website, visitors are able to view samples of the editor’s work and receive more information on the type of talent TeamPeople provides to their clients.

The editors featured, both very different in style show the ride range of projects and skills TeamPeople’s editors have to offer. The company works with their clients to evaluate their creative need and place the appropriate skilled editors all over the US for temporary, long term and permanent positions.

Looking for work then why not check out the TeamPeople list to see if there is a job for you.

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