One of the announcement from NAB 2016 you may have missed is that the Veydra lens company have made the decision to walk away from two lens projects that they had previously announced at NAB 2015 that they would manufacture.


Veydra Mini Anamorphic 2X Prototype

NAB Show 2016 Announcements – Veydra 19mm T2.2 Mini Prime Announced, 2X Mini Anamorphic and Wide Project Discontinued

The past 15 months since the start of Veydra on our hugely successful Kickstarter campaign have been a wonderful experience for us and all of our customers. We continue to ship more lenses worldwide every day as the news of the quality and value of Veydra spreads to more filmmakers.

Veydra is pleased to announce the 19mm T2.2 Mini Prime for Super35 sensor coverage. The 19mm T2.2 Mini Prime will be available primarily in Sony E Mount for full sensor coverage of the popular Sony a6300, FS5, FS7, and crop sensor coverage of the A7rii and A7sii cameras. The 19mm T2.2 will also be available in Micro4/3 and C Mounts. It will ship in late 2016 and be available for pre-order on and authorized dealers in summer 2016.

As a leading small manufacturer of things people need, we sometimes get the trend too early. We jumped on one such early trend with the 4K anamorphic shooting modes found in cameras like the Panasonic GH4 when we announced the Veydra 2X Mini Anamorphic Project last spring at NAB Show 2015. We did in fact spend a fair amount of money and months of design and prototype efforts in 2015 on the 2X Mini Anamorphic. We found that our high quality standards and risk of manufacturing this specialty lens would cause many problems in delivering the best quality product. We therefore announce that we have discontinued the 2X Mini Anamorphic project.

On a similar note, we have also decided to discontinue the Wide Angel Project. We did work on design of an 8.5mm Mini Prime however we found the size would be larger than current Mini Primes, would feature at T3.0 or slower aperture, and likely would have cost nearly $2,000 US Dollars at retail pricing. We have decided all these factors and the increase in popularity of our Sony E mount lenses to signal that more customers want us to make more Super35 coverage Sony E mount lenses than wide angle micro4/3 lenses. Veydra will focus on the new 19mm Mini Prime which will rapidly move from current design phase to production deliveries later in 2016.

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