From Bochibochi Ongaku

Veydra 25mm Lens Test from Bochibochi Ongaku on Vimeo.

This is an informal testing of Mini Prime 25mm T2.2 Veydra on BMPCC.

The build quality of this cine lens is good.

The focus throw is long enough and the feeling is very smooth. So it's easy to focus to compare with modern auto focus lens.

I think the sharpness is almost same with Panasonic 12-35mm. Bokeh and vinetting is also better than Panasonic.

But the performance against bright light is not so good.

All shot is RAW. I shot at T2.2 with Hoya IR cut filter.
Last four cuts are ND filter testing.

Variable ND is convenient to use, but the color is not clean as discussed at Blackmagic forum or bmcuser community.

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