Computer Graphics Technology have announced the release of Version 1.1 of ArgyllPRO ColorMeter, an innovative Android application for accurate color and light measurement using USB connected color measurement instruments. Version 1.1 features greatly improved accessibility with the introduction of application area Presets, and an accompanying demonstration Video.

ArgyllPRO ColorMeter V1.1

Capable of working with a range of popular 3rd party color measurement instruments both old and new, such as X-Rite’s ColorMunki, Eye-One Pro, Eye-One Display Pro etc., Pantone’s Huey, Smile, ColorMunki Display etc., DataColor’s Spyder colorimeters, JETI’s specbos spectrometers and Klein Instruments K-10A colorimeter.*

Graeme Gill, Director of CGTPL, is quoted as saying “Although mobile platforms are often seen as being used for little more than communications, social media and entertainment, the support of industry standard hardware interfaces opens them up for serious technical and scientific uses as well, and ArgyllPRO ColorMeter is a great demonstration of this capability.”

Version 1.1 adds a comprehensive product Demonstration Video, together with fast access to configuration Presets for all common color measurement uses such as Graphic Design, Architectural and Theatrical Lighting, Photography, Printing, Film Production, TV, Video & Digital Cinema, as well as improved Android V5 (Lollipop) compatibility and numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

ArgyllPRO ColorMeter is available now on Google Play both in a free Demonstration version, as well as a fully functional Retail version for AU$110 (+ GST if applicable). Existing users will be able to upgrade immediately.

For complete specification & more information, see the ArgyllPRO website –


Computer Graphics Technology P.L. is a Australian Technology company that specializes in Color & Computer Graphics related software and expertise, and is well known for the ArgyllCMS suite of Color Management tools.

*3rd party instrument names and products are mentioned for information purposes only, and are Trade Marks of their respective manufacturers, and does not imply any relationship between CGTPL and these manufacturers or their products.

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