Latest news for the Volare Film Tools Velo rigs is that they will be available to buy next month.

Volare DSLR Film Tools produces the most adaptable DSLR rigs, camera supports & video accessories for filmmakers & photographers today. Our equipment is designed to be highly customizable, versatile & super durable. Our goal is to provide filmmakers with the best value for money DSLR film making gear possible.




All of our film tools are meticulously designed, precision made & brutally tested. This ensures a camera stabilizing system that is extremely modular, intuitive to use and very durable. Each film component is designed from scratch by our small but highly experienced team of film makers & product designers. We focus on intelligently designed film tools that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of even the most demanding directors, cameramen & D.O.P’s of today.


Each individual component is manufactured on a state of the art automated CNC milling machine from a computer based design, this ensures a very precise film tool with extremely tight tolerances down to +. – 0.02 of a millimeter. Built to withstand the toughest conditions our film components are all hard anodized (type III) in a custom created gunmetal grey color, this is the same high quality treatment most modern military weapons get!


With Volare Film Tools the filmmaker can focus solely on the creative process of film making & never be limited by the equipment.


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