Crafted and manufactured in the USA, the VectorMount for GoPro is the world’s first camera mounting system designed for the wildly popular GoPro series of cameras, and uses the natural motion of your vehicle to track the action.

VectorMount for GoPro

Utilizing a combination of wind-vane technology, centrifugal force, and inertial dampening, the mount allows the camera to pan and scan along a horizontal plane consistent with the vehicle’s movement. As the vehicle turns, an adjustable swing-weight allows the camera mount to swivel and naturally point the lens into the direction of the turn, effectively seeing the angle of view as the driver sees it.

Some of the VectorMount for GoPro key features:
-Vane tail uses natural airflow to steer the camera
-Centrifugal swing
-Weight uses the momentum of your vehicle to guide the shot
-Silicone inertial dampening to keep your shots flowing smoothly
-Modular construction provides versatility and expansion
-Anodized aluminum for lightweight strength and long life
-Precision craftsmanship manufactured in the USA

Please see VectorMount for more information about their GoPro Mount system.

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