VariZoom is getting a slice of that brushless gimbal camera rig market with their FlowCam 5 a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer.

VariZoom FlowCam 5

VariZoom will have a couple of different configurations. A “one man mode” allows the operator to turn left and right up to about 40 degrees without the camera changing its direction and then once you go to 45-60 degrees with the camera it will begin to follow the turn. That’s like the Follow Frame feature from AlexMos we showed you HERE.

The FlowCam 5 from VariZoom also allows for a 3rd party assistant to handle pan and tilt for your rigs setup. That is made possible through a bluetooth controlled touchscreen PDA device or wireless remote joystick.

Price is around $4,400.

Please see VariZoom for more information about their FlowCam 5 3 axis gimbal stabilizer.

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