The V.I.O. POV.HD’s native 1080P sensor shoots Full HD video and provides exceptional low-light performance — perfect for the conditions on set of Ridley Scott’s Movie Prometheus at Pinewood studios. The exposure compensation mode was a key feature to enable capture of detail in particularly dark scenes.

Fox UK comments: “After evaluating a number of products, V.I.O. cameras were chosen as they provided both the technical and aesthetic requirements for the movie. When dealing with props, the look of the item is very important, and these cameras, being an important part of the suit, fulfilled that requirement. The full HD image quality enabled us to use real footage from the cameras, without having to re-film sequences separately. Their rugged design and high build quality kept the cameras working in the most extreme on-set conditions.”

The low profile: The sleek design of the POV.HD imaging head perfectly integrated with costume design, worn on the space helmets and suits of all actors.
Stealth mode: The mode of choice for covert military forces allowed total piece of mind for the production team on set. Stealth mode shuts down all audio and visual alerts on the system to ensure the POV.HD is not seen or heard.

A wireless monitor bank gave live viewing capability of all actors’ point of view during the entire production; by using small wireless transmitters with the A/V port, the Director and DOP were able to watch the POV from all actors while on set.

Please see V.I.O. for more on their POV cameras systems.

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