New slider to enter the market is the UTCSK Camera Slider which is based on UtiliTrak Linear Guide Technology and comes in 2 kits.
Kit 1 of the UTCSK Camera Slider is the $199 1000 mm version and Kit 2 is the $219 1500 mm version.

Two standard lengths of sleek, aluminum track (1000 mm and 1500 mm)
For easy mounting, ¼”-20 threads are located at the center and on both ends of the track
Wheel plate includes three lubrication-free linear guide wheels for smooth, reliable motion
Center mounted ¼”-20 camera thumb screw for use with or without a ball head mount
Includes two adjustable end stop blocks with nylon locking screws

The UTCSK camera slider is ideal for small to medium lightweight cameras (and lenses) such as DSLR cameras.
This cost-effective solution is a compact alternative to camera dollies, allowing you to create smooth, professional
camera shots with minimal equipment and hassle.
Standard ¼”-20 threads are located at the center and on both ends of the track. For flexibility and functionality,
the camera slider can be mounted to one or two tripods. The load capacity is dependent on the orientation of
the carriage and camera. When the camera is NOT centered, offset loading occurs.

Go to BWC for information and ordering the UTCSK Camera Sliders.

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