How many cameras does it take to make that Matrix bullet camera time effect 59, 80, 24, or would you believe only one?
Well the guys at Dot & Effects used just one camera and no grips. OMG you just said, you read it right one camera hand held.
Remembering Bullet Time is a registered Trade Mark owned by Warner Bros.

We shot at 4FPS “frame burst mode”, there was no dolly just very careful hand held movement.

Using one camera we combined multiple photographs to mimic a moving camera. We used frame blending and other composting techniques to create a unique detailed look.

We were able to get a more dramatic look and better quality image using this technique.

You can watch the “Music Video” from Good Charlotte where we used this effect, although it’s not in the video much, it definitely looks cool.

See Dot & Effects for more cool stuff: Vimeo and website.

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