Good news following on from Cinescopophilia’s DIY Teradek Cube Wireless HDMI Transmitter Alternate and Brite-View HD Responds to DIY Teradek posts comes news that Brite-View are in full swing testing their AirSyncHD Wireless HD transmitter. The Brite-View AirSyncHD Wireless HD transmitter at $189.99 is going to look very appealing to a lot of Shooters who need to see quality vision assurance.
The guys are testing the Brite-View Power Station prototype unit on a RED MX camera and have had good results with it so far and they are confident it will work with the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Panasonic AF-100 + GH2, Sony PMW-F3L / F3K, the Canon 5D MKII, and Canon 7D Cameras.
Watch as they get clean vision from a RED MX camera with the Brite-View AirSyncHD Wireless HD transmitter 100 feet or about 31 meters away from the camera.

For more see Brite-View.
Go to Teradek and check them out.

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