Omar Torres has another crack at testing the Ursa Mini 4K Camera. This time with better lightning conditions.

Ursa Mini 4k Test 2 (better lighting) from Omar Torres on Vimeo.

So I grabbed a light, put it in my living room, and proceeded to film my dog(Taz) with my new UM4K. Compared to the first video I made with the UM4K, the image looks way better and its all because I properly exposed and lit the image. I've learned that with proper lighting you can achieve a beautiful film like image with this camera. This is probably common sense to most of you, but coming from using DSLR's and an A7s where you don't need lighting to achieve a great image, even though I know about lighting, this is a learning experience for me.

I've also learned that I enjoy the RAW image the best. It has the best dynamic range, easier to grade, and the colors are much more rich. The RAW image, in my opinion, is the most film like compared to the Pro Res. The ProRes image still looks great but when you put the raw image next to the ProRes image there is no comparison. The 1080p wasn't too impressive either. In my opinion, It looked good but it had even less dynamic range than the UHD ProRes.

My apologies on the grade. I am not a pro at grading or color correcting so don't judge :p. Grading the image was fun but it was very challenging trying to match the grade between the 4K RAW, 1080p, and UHD image(you can probably tell by viewing this video some colors are off between the different formats). The colors and dynamic range were all different, despite having the same camera settings. Which to me that is strange. I figured they all would look different but I didn't think the grading process would be so different between the formats. Although the 1080p and the UHD image were much easier to match then matching the Raw footage.

Overall, for just under 3K your getting a heck of camera. This camera is not for everybody, seeing as you need to have proper lighting to achieve a usable image. If you are used to DSLR's and the A7 cameras, where you don't have to properly light an image to achieve a usable image, there will be a learning curve. Not that its bad to learn new techniques with lighting, but if you are a run and gun shooter or you just don't feel like lighting all the time, then this is not the camera for you. However, if you are coming from a low light camera and would like to learn about lighting and cinematography then this camera is great to start with.

Another thing to note about this camera is that it will eat up your million dollar C.Fast 2.0 cards real quick. Especially if you are shooting raw. I have a 64gb Cfast card and if I shoot 4K Raw it will eat up my card in 6 min. If I'm shooting ProRes HQ it will be around 11 min before my 64gbs are gone. So keep that in mind before you buy this camera. The 64gb cost me around $190 so it will definitely make your wallet lighter.

Thanks for watching! If you are still reading this description thats awesome! Stay tuned because I will be shooting some day time exterior shots this weekend. I will post them up early next week.

All shots were handheld using an ursa mini 4k
lens: canon 24-70 L 2.8
Edited on Premiere CC
graded using FilmConvert

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