So you have the four big square lights, the Fill-Lite FL Studio, but how do you safely and successfully unfold it?

Unfold the FL Studio from Fill-Lite® LLC on Vimeo.

This video is about unfolding the FL Studio, using the easy hinge mechanism.

Using four square lights, the Studio provides maximum coverage while maintaining the thin profile. It is like a Reflector Board on steroids! The Fill-Lite Studio comes out of a flight case in two halves, mounts to a junior light stand and connects easily to the top half, making one large amazing soft light with four square light sources on a yoke that incorporates all controls and electronics. Controls include manual dimming, daisy chaining for multiple fixtures, universal power or battery options, DMX512 option for board integration. The ultra thin profile makes this fixture the perfect solution for large soft light requirements, such as product, people and tabletop photography where space is limited. The light mimics natural ambient light and eliminates the need for large Chimera soft box.

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