Word got out prior to NAB 2013 that for some reason Tilta was struggling in America. Twitter accounts went dead. Guys asked questions. Nothing.

What ever it was, just forget about it because fast forward to July and now ikan is now the exclusive distributor of Tilta products in North America.

Tilta ikan

More from ikan:

Ikan has traditionally serviced the mid-level indie film and DSLR production communities. Tilta’s high end cinema and DSLR camera support systems and accessories will expand our range to meet the standards of seasoned pros as well as emerging videographers who are focused on taking their skills to the next level.

This new partnership creates a secure path to ownership of Tilta’s high-end film production gear via the ikan website. Until now, the only way consumers in North America could buy Tilta gear was through risky online transaction through obscure retailers.

Slide on over to ikan if you are looking for Tilta gear.

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