From the NHK Press Release regarding their Ultra-Small Super Hi-Vision 8K developed cube type camera head. Translated from Japanese to English.

NHK Cube 8K Camera

* In order to realize practical test broadcasting in 2016, NHK is accelerating the research and development is a Super Hi-Vision TV broadcasting service of the next generation (8K / below, SHV) of. This time, in collaboration with Astro Design Co., Ltd., 12.5cm × depth 15cm in height width 12.5cm ×, weight was developed by the Cube type SHV camera head of 2kg.

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* By pay the housing of about 10cm square and its drive circuit image sensor # 1) 33 million pixel full-spec SHV camera for NHK has developed, has been a significant reduction of the camera head. Diagonal length of the sensor is about 25mm, in combination with a variety of lens proven shooting of digital cinema is possible. Take advantage of, such as underwater photography and robot camera is also expected.


NHK 8K Cube Camera

* The research results, you can see it will be held on Sunday June 2 (Thursday) to 30 May in the “Engineering published 2013”.

Size W: 12.5cm × H: 12.5cm × D: 15cm
Weight 2kg (No viewfinder)
Imaging system One-chip color (Bayer array)
Imaging element 33 million pixel CMOS 7,680 × 4,320 pixels in the horizontal vertical
Frame rate 60 fps
Power consumption 30W

# 1) “In the development ~ 120 frames per second the Super Hi-Vision camera image sensor, fast-moving subject can also shoot – clearly” February 23 NHK press release, 2012

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