The Video 18 fluid head from Sachtler has been setting the standard in the field of ENG/EFP since 1984. The tripod head is treasured by camera operators all over the world particularly because of its dependability throughout years of use. Now Sachtler is not only looking for the oldest head from its top-selling model, but also the most exciting environment in which it has been used.

The oldest head which is still in use will be exchanged for a new Video 18 S1 tripod system with the Speed Lock CF. In addition, Sachtler is inviting all Video 18 users to submit photos of their shoots. Exceptionally robust, the Video 18 works dependably in extreme temperatures ranging from -40° to +60° C (-40° to +140° F) and when filming under unusual shooting conditions.

All photos will be entered in a drawing in which three Sachtler Video 18 S1 tripod systems with the Speed Lock CF will be raffled off.

Closing date is June 30, 2012.

Entry form, eligibility requirements and terms of use, and further information can be found at Sachtler.

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