The TYTO light weight cinematic brushless gimbal camera stabilizer is now taking pre-orders. The TYTO brushless gimbal camera rig has been tested and is ready to roll on Red Epic cameras, as well as the Red Scarlet, Nikon D4, Sony Alfa, Canon 1D, Canon C300 cameras.

TYTO Cinematic Camera Stabilizer

Basic Functionality – Stabilize pan, roll and tilt axis by countering movements with actuators based using encoders and/or a high performance IMU. Automatic calibration at every startup ensures the gimbal is performing at its best.

Robust and User Friendly GUI – Allows users to tune gimbal settings for their particular setup including the ability to setup and store multiple profiles for use in quickly changing your gear for different needs on set without having to re-tune every time. In-depth GUI allows for fine tuning of every aspect of your gimbals functionality.

TYTO Features

Wireless Tuning via Bluetooth – change operation modes and fine tune settings based on current payload through your laptop without the need to plug in any cables.

Follow Mode (for pan and tilt) – allows for a single operator to intuitively control the pointing of the gimbal by moving the handles without compromising the stabilization of the image. The gimbal takes the operator’s movements and intelligently converts them into stabilized pan and tilt movements.

Basic RC Control – Using traditional TX/RX systems, a second operator can use his remote to control the positioning of the gimbal to keep the shot framed correctly as the gimbal operator moves around the set. A video transmitter is installed on the gimbal to send the live feed to a monitor attached to the second operator’s controller.

Additional RC Control – (primarily for non-handheld use such as attaching to multirotors)
Capability for 3 position switch to be used on the remote as follows.
Position 1: Free movement of camera.
Position 2: Camera returned and locked into level forward position.
Position 3: Camera points straight down, RC control for roll available.
3 additional modes can be set to users preference.

Switches & other control items on Gimbal

Thumb Joystick Control for manually positioning camera while in single user mode.
Mode switch to change between profiles for quickly switching between different feature sets or camera configurations. 6 fully programmable modes can be used with this switch.
Follow Focus to adjust your focus either from your hand grip in single user mode or through RC control with a second operator.

Please hit up PMG Multirotors for more on the TYTO cinematic brushless Gimbal Camera Stabilizer.

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