Back in December we told you about the TYTO light weight cinematic brushless gimbal camera stabilizer, now it comes in more than one flavour.

How about a good serving of carbon…


TYTO CARBON is the more lightweight stabilization chassis, designed to carry a camera payload of up to 5 lbs. After camera fitting and profile programming, TYTO CARBON is balanced and “Ready For Service” right out of the box. Weighing only 4.2 lbs.

TYTO – CARBON is constructed with ultra light carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber plates, ABS Tube Clamps and high quality stainless steel hardware.

Both TYTO and TYTO – CARBON Camera Stabilizers feature a full 3-axis control, which allows for 360 degrees of pan, 180 degrees of tilt, and 180 degrees of roll. Additionally there are several programmable modes of operation: Auto, Pan & Tilt, Locked Mode and Follow Mode. RC & Accessory Control can easily be configured and setup for dual operators.

TYTO CARBON Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

Conceived by professional filmmakers and developed by flight engineers at PMG MULTI-ROTORS, this device is specifically tailored for the film industry and compatible with a full spectrum of cameras including many higher end units. Capable of carrying up to 10+ lbs. TYTO easily handles such cameras as the RED EPIC, Canon C500, Canon C300, and many more. It is completely customizable and easily programmed for accurate profiles with countless applications. The TYTO Cinematic Camera Stabilizer is lightweight yet heavy duty and built for ease of use on set or in the field.

TYTO with controler

The TYTO Cinematic Camera Stabilizer is a hand-held camera gimbal developed to empower photographers, film makers and camera operators with natural freedom of movement, while concurrently being able to capture smooth fluid images with ease.

TYTO offers cinema level production capabilities achieved through constant positioning feedback from gyro sensors and camera movement managed through high power brushless motors. The camera operator will experience uninhibited freedom and extraordinary control.


The TYTO Cinematic Camera Stabilizer is made from hardened 6061-T6 aerospace quality aluminum and fastened stainless steel aircraft hardware. Weighing in at 8.2 lbs., the TYTO is literally the luxury jet of camera gimbals.

Camera operators always strive to capture the most optimal images by outfitting their equipment with complex and often bulky accessories. These makeshift handheld camera rigs often become cumbersome, heavy and a burden to operate, restricting freedom in movement and restraining the creative process. The family of TYTO camera stabilizers liberates operators and enhances the craft of cinematography.


Please see PMG Multi-Rotors for more on the TYTO CARBON, and TYTO Cinematic brushless gimbal camera stabilizer rigs.

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