Two demo videos to round off your weekend viewing pleasure.

TYTO Camera Rig

First video features footage taken on the TYTO Cinematic brushless gimbal rig, and the second video the TYTO Carbon brushless gimbal rig from PMG Multi-Rotors.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest demo reel from our friends at Anakt Digital Media. Shot entirely with the RED EPIC in hand with out 3 axis brush less gimbal TYTO! Unparalleled stability in even the tightest of spaces. TYTO proves its versatility and opens film makers up to a whole new realm of shooting capability. From helicopter aerials over the LA skyline, to down and dirty on foot in the streets of New York, TYTO consistently delivers unmatched stability wherever you can think to take it.

TYTO – Cinematic: Demo Reel

A day at Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank, CA. Filmed by Jason Mulligan of Street Trucks Magazine with the Canon 6D and PMG Multirotors 3 axis brushless carbon gimbal, TYTO-C.

The TYTO Carbon is specifically designed for optimum maneuverability and function. Weighted to hold up to 5lbs. on tray, the TYTO-C is perfect for your DSLR or pocket camera.

TYTO – Carbon: A Day at Del’s with Street Trucks Magazine

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