ARRI have released two new additions to their popular L-Series range of LED Fresnels.

So ARRI now have a tuneable tungsten model, the L7-TT, and an optional active cooling version of all L7 models.

ARRI L7-TT Light

As a tuneable 2600 K – 3600 K tungsten version of the popular L7-C, the L7-TT (Tuneable Tungsten) is more than 20% brighter than the L7-C, while maintaining the same size and weight.

It offers the same calibrated color quality and adjustable green-magenta point as the L7-C, and is particularly suited to applications requiring precise color matching to conventional tungsten lampheads.

Additionally, all versions of the L7 are premiering an active cooling option with reduced size and weight, making them perfect for location shoots, portable lighting kits and space-constrained studios.

L-Series fixtures can reduce electricity usage by more than 75% and further savings are brought about by the exceptional life span of the LED light engine, which lasts around 200 times longer than a conventional tungsten lamp.

The reduced maintenance and minimized power distribution combine with other cost-saving attributes such as built-in dimming to provide a rapid return on investment for both studio and location applications.

L7 lampheads provide the same light quality and simplicity-of-use as conventional tungsten Fresnels, and can easily be used alongside them. This allows studio facilities to make a gradual transition from older tungsten fixtures to the L-Series, spreading the cost over a longer period without workflow inefficiencies or changes to working practices.

Please see ARRI for more information about their L-Series lights.

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