Two days, hands on shooting and testing with a Dragon Sensor RED EPIC camera by award winning Australian TVC Director Mark Toia and it’s no wonder the opening shot is eye opening… There is no mistake about the quality.

RED EPIC DRAGON – ITS THE REAL DEAL ! from Mark Toia on Vimeo.

The Red Dragon sensor has 3 F STOPS more than before. 1 in the hight lights which rolls over wonderfully !, 2 solid extra stops in the darks…. maybe 3 once the colour science has been perfected.
But there is still noise, but nothing like before. I ran some 250d 2k film rushes next some of my 4000asa stuff, And silly as it sounds, it looks like film grain, not noise. Don’t ask me how, as I wouldn’t have a clue. But it looks great !

RED Dragon Sensor Eye

Red Dragon now has the best highlight fall off I have ever seen from any digital camera. Beating film! Big call I know, but after shooting film and pushing it around in telecine chains for more than a decade, I can categorically say that this new sensor has a better range than film ever had.

Single still frames compared to a top of the line professional 35mm Digital stills cameras, I’m going to say that the EPIC matches, if not betters most. Don’t ask me how they do it, but every single frame from the DRAGON is 109meg !! @16bit when saved as a tiff from RCX. and at 100 Frames per second, I tell you this… someone has sold there sole to the devil.
If you are a pro photographer, you are mad if you don’t have this camera in your tool box. You quite literally will never miss a single shot.

Is Dragon better than 65mm Film…. (with good lenses) YES. No shit…
The images out of the Dragon are so smooth now… so so smooth, like low asa large format film.

The Dragon is more stable than my current MX EPIC’s.

The SONY F65 I rate as having the best sensor in the market for a production cine camera. Yes.. it’s better than the EPIC- MX. (I’m not going to harp on about the size of it or the price comparisons).
Even Jim knows that Sony have done very well with the F65 sensor and that was obviously pissing him off, because his new Dragon sensor has just given the the F65 notice.
All the F65 SONY purists out there will dispute this. But I have Sony files here with me, and I’m looking at both side by side… and Dragons grain (noise) structure is cleaner and it has more range.
Dragon is now the King. (AND… I’m not going to harp on about the size of it or the price comparisons). or did I ..ha !

The single one sentence i can say that can sum up everything is this..
It’s the first camera ever that I have used that captures exactly what I see with my own eye.
Never have I seen this before. ! Mark Toia

and Jim Jannard on the combination and quality of using Leica lenses with a Dragon sensor equipped RED camera.

I have to say they we have tested just about every combination of lenses with the Dragon sensor and the Leicas win.

This really should be no surprise.

All the Leicas cover the full sensor and have the most resolution of all lenses tested.

While some lenses will necessitate dropping down to 5.5K to cover… the Leicas don’t. The resolution of these lenses are completely matched with the Dragon sensor.

Just sayin’.

Of course all other lenses will work at 5K-6K with varying results. And no matter what you use you get the dynamic range advantage of the Dragon. The Leicas are just the best of the best.


and when asked if you could still get amazing results using master primes at 6k?

Jim replied:

Yes… absolutely. And at 6K.

You will also get great results with Ultra Primes at 5.5K. And good results with Canon and Nikon mount lenses at 6K.

I am just talking the best of the best.

for more information about the RED EPIC Dragon Sensor and Leica lens conversation hit up REDuser.

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