The Gyrocam® from Harrison Sanborn, LLC

Harrison Sanborn, LLC offers for action photography the Gyrocam® Cine System complete with a RED Dragon camera that can be switched in and out of the Gyrocam®in 10 minutes. This is a turnkey shooting package which included the truck mounted Gyrocam®, Dragon camera, complete set of prime lenses and all the support gear to use the camera both in the Gyrocam® and as a traditional ground package.

Gyrocam Cine System

Turn a $19.95 a day pickup truck from U-Haul into a state-of-the-art camera car with the Gyrocam® Cine System from Harrison Sanborn, LLC.

The Gyrocam® Cine System is a turnkey action photography camera package that comes complete with a RED Dragon 6K camera, prime lenses, zoom lens in the Gyrocam® gimbals and a 12 foot ruggedized jib modified for the Gyrocam®.  The RED camera can also be removed in less that 10 minutes and used for traditional ground shooting so there is no need to rent another camera package.  The system can be quickly mounted on pickup trucks, dollies, and boats. The Gyrocam® is powered by its own battery system, which provides 10 hours of operation.

Gyrocam truck bike

Harrison Sanborn is a third generation filmmaker with years of experience with all types of photography as well as with Gyro stabilized cameras.  Harrison Sanborn, LLC provide complete rental services of the Gyrocam® Cine Systems in LA.  The systems are also available for purchase.

Gyrocam® Cine from Harrison Sanborn on Vimeo.

This is just a brief demo I put together from our initial test with the new gyro stabilized camera system my dad and I have been developing. It's based on a system which my dad originally designed for aerial use.

The Gyro RED Cine camera system features the RED Epic Dragon, and can use a wide variety of prime and zoom lenses for either ground or aerial use.

This test was shot entirely from a jib in the bed of a normal pickup truck to demonstrate that just about any regular truck or vehicle can be used to create very stable and dynamic shots at any speed.

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