From Melting Bloke / Richard Gale…

TRUMP 38, 58 88 Variable Aperture Samples from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.

Footage starts at 2:58 first 3 mins explains the camera setup and how the test was carried out.

This video shows the trump lenses system used without the usual drop in aperture disks. But instead with the built in stepless variable aperture (f2-f16). During each shot I was closing the aperture from f2 down to f16 and then back again. The camera was set to auto exposure so is adjusting to compensate for the change in exposure during aperture adjustment.

Unfortunately I was shooting in 50p mode on the sony A7S and as a result the models glasses are producing some aliasing in the 50p mode. I have to say I had heard about the aliasing in 50p mode but had never come across it myself. this is the fist time I've seen aliasing from the A7S.

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