The TrueGrip Cage is for the Panasonic GH3 and GH4 cameras, with more options coming for other cameras.

The TrueGrip Cage is now up for a KickStarter campaign.

TrueGrip Camera Cage

The initial versions were built using manually operated tools, where as the most recent prototypes have been created through high-precision 3D CAD software. The 3D drawings allow us to 3D print prototypes with incredible precision with very quick turn around times, allowing many generations of revisions and refinements – resulting in a user experience that feels truly well-thought out!

The cage and all of it’s components will be CNC’d from high grade aluminum with a black anodized finish. In designing each component, we sought high strength-to-weight ratios, keeping the cage incredibly light, yet strong and very capable.

In addition, this cage is modular and upgradable – allowing future compatibility with other cameras, by simply swapping the base plate and shoe mount.


20 Main TrueGrip Cage Features:

1) Complete unobscured access to the camera’s native grip, controls, buttons, ports, and compartments.
2) Crazy light-weight at just under 1 pound (1/2 kg) in its basic configuration – yet still a full cage, not a half or partial cage.
3) Multiple anti-twist features keep the camera secure in the cage
4) Incredibly versatile and modular sliding top handle that can be positioned nearly anywhere on the top plate in 3mm increments.
5) Minimal yet highly effective cable locking mechanisms.
6) Robust, lightweight, and highly configurable wireless receiver mounts.
7) Matching (symmetrical) 1/4″ x 20 holes on the upper portion of the left and right plates allowing sleek and light external monitor and recorder yokes / arms.
8) Super low profile cold shoe tabs with registration pins (anti-twist) – allowing up to a whopping 7 shoe mounts to be added to the cage with virtually unnoticeable weight-gain.
9) Designed with audio in mind! Easily integrate any one of the readily available 2 and 4 channel digital recorders/mixers onto the cage.
10) Shotgun-mic extension arm – a two-position offset shotgun-mic mount with anti-twist integration.
11) Full access to the LCD screen and viewfinder.
12) Modular design, allows future compatibility with other camera such as the Sony A7 series and Samsung NX series.
13) Relocatable grip option via electronics integration in the base plate.
14) 1/4″ and 3/8″ tripod mounting holes prevents twisting on a tripod.
15) Countersunk M5 holes in the baseplate for future addition of a rod clamp.
16) Black Anodized 6000 series aluminum. Edges of side plates will have a 1/8″ (3.175mm) radius/fillet as seen on the right plate in the silver aluminum prototype.
17) Stainless steel hardware – M4 fixing bolts, camera fixing bolt, shoe mount bolt, m4 anti-twist screws, cable lock mount screw and pinch screw, receiver mount screw, shotgun mount screws, shoe tab screw, top handle screws, etc.
18) Manufactured in the USA.
19) Designed, machined, and tested by professionals in the television and film industry.
20) Based on designs used extensively in rigorous conditions.

TrueGrip Cage

For more information: TrueGrip.

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