First and foremost it is important that you know unboxing the cheapest 4k camera available on the market today, the Scarlet X will make you a better Filmmaker. As you can see they guys from Onyx Cinema Inc are already heading to the top of a very steep filmmaking learning curve in that they have a flash opening title that presents their logo. So we know up front this is another installment from the professional looking Onyx Cinema Inc brand.
Straight away the mise en scene is enhanced with the mere presence of an affordable 4k camera. The quality of the unboxing actors, their range, the timbre of their ooohs is simply breath taking. See the detail the costume dept must have spent hours getting the “I am a Filmmaker” look down pat, and the gorgeous decor, and the amazing props have been super juiced by 4k Scarlet X osmosis.
Simply stunning filmmaking. No pre 4k Scarlet X Filmmaker could ever achieve this look with these angles those framing choices and the actors they had to work with. They even achieved one half of the filmmakers avoidance dual crown “Never work with Children or Animals.” Great cameo from “Small Child” guys. Try that on 1080p.

Next notice the microphone placement on the presenter Joe. Before the budget 4k Scarlet X allegedly they only used nat sound from a top mic or dub synced natural sound in post we hear. We also are made aware that Joe is the presenter via well placed and crafted on screen GFX. Before the reasonably priced 4k Scarlet X camera Joe would have mumbled something about catering and when was he was getting paid, but now he is a Scarlet X owner he is stuffed to the gills and the cheque is in the mail.
So next we notice the guys now know lighting matters for filming indoors and that it is essential, to erect some lights. Only a Scarlet X owner would know that the ceiling lights switch need to be set to the on position. That is the on position.

Even in Post Production the Scarlet has enhanced the video as you will notice the soft editing transitions from the newly acquired knowledge courtesy of being a Scarlet X owner and to push the upsot “POP” of the actual unbox of the unboxing is a masterstroke.

After gouging the reasonably priced 4k stuffing paper the boys allow ample screen time for product placement of the budget 4k Scarlet X camera.

Note the clever product tie in with the mention of the chairs at the end, and thus the Scarlet X camera is paid for. That is how you do an unboxing and instantly become a better Filmmaker!

Our RED representative called us saying that our SCARLET-X was ready for pick up. We were so excited, we brought the kids and an HMC150 with us to film the unboxing at RED in Irvine.
As the employees were walking into the lobby to go home for the day, we were greeted with smiles and congratulations. It was a great feeling.
Thanks to the folks at RED!

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Also suss out a low light, available light test with the cheapest 4k camera on the market:

Scarlet-X 48fps Test Available light

Just received my Scarlet-X #81, and I decided to do some tests.
This was the first. Low/available light.
Happy with the results. Applied small s-curve and adjusted some colors.
It should say 18-85, not 18-84.
Enjoy the tests.

See Michael Millichamp for more videos.

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