A few updated renders on REDUser from Fredrik Callinggard of the Titan EPIC Scarlet Shoulder Camera rig mock up. Can’t wait for this to hit the streets. Thanks to @PolvoPolvo for the heads up.

To give an understanding of size and how it plays around the camera. If you pay close attention and check the pics out… You can simply slide the battery plate down to a lower position to have it balanced when doing handheld. As the battery plate itself is on a slider and therefor can be upside or downside directly onto the arm. Extremely handy when moving from tripod/ steadicam to handheld.

This is a feature that’s simple yet effective as it will most of the time counterbalance for you’re handheld work – no changing of anything is needed. Just slide the plate downwards and it’s a great counterbalance, quickly add the shoulder pad, adjust for the angle you want and then slide in the front handle system. Voila you’re up and running with a handheld solution in no time. This is the beauty of it all – fast, efficient and with no effort. Also don’t forget that if you actually need a little more counterbalance you have the rail on rotation as well and can add that whole rail as a distance. You can literally keep your battery almost anywhere around the back of the camera – up close, above, low. Everything on the angle you want – for balance even on tripod. If you need even more counter balance to what this offer – put on the back rod system and stretch even further. For an even faster solution keep the battery plate and the back rod system on a back arm each and just quick release and slide each one in on the rail. Or keep it on the rosette at the base. You choose… Simple yet extremely effective. Now if you have modules and need for some reason the shoulder pad to further behind the camera – let it go in under the modules – as far as you want as the rail can rotate as well. Configurations that goes far beyond any other system and still is very minimal in it’s solution and….. tool less. More to come soon as we show other solutions including our EVF mounts….

See Fredrik’s website and REDUser for more information. All pics belong to Fredrik.

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