intoPIX at IBC 2013 are set to launch their new disruptive light visually lossless compression standard that will be known collectively as TICO (pronounced “Teeco”).

Designed to have an extremely tiny footprint in FPGA/ASIC fabric, it is nevertheless also powerful in software applications for real-time operation.


At present, images and video are transported and stored uncompressed into many systems such as cameras, video servers, displays, recorders or mobile devices. But this revolutionary compression technology has been conceived for utilization as a mezzanine compression format.

TICO can thus be utilized as a smart upgrade path to manage HD and higher resolution (4K, 8K…) workflows and frame rates.

TICO assures visual quality using a 2:1 to 4:1 compression ratio, but keeps power and bandwidth at a reasonable budget. On top of this, its selectable latency down to as little as 1 pixel line ensures absolute real-time and instant operation.

Gael Rouvroy, intoPIX Chief Technology Officer, explains: “As a responsible technology provider, we have been considering how we can contribute towards the growth of the audio-visual industry as a whole. We are aware that equipment manufacturers and end-users need new smart ways to manage the higher resolutions and frame rates previously captured, stored and transported uncompressed. Hence, we constantly push the boundaries of today’s compression technology with a state-of-the-art, innovative codec assuring visual quality, keeping power and bandwidth at a reasonable budget and reducing significantly the complexity and cost of the system without adding any latency.”

IntoPix Tico

Main highlights of the TICO compression technology:

Visually Lossless compression quality between 2:1 and 4:1.
Persistent and Robust: Indistinguishable image loss over multiple generations
Fixed Latency: down to microseconds – single pixel line (selectable from 1 to x)
Small complexity and ultra-compact codec: easy to implement in low-cost chips (FPGA/ASIC). Limited internal memory – no external memory required.
Powerful , Real-time or faster than real-time in CPU
Compatible with different resolutions, from mobile to 4K/8K UHDTV, via multiple traditional transport schemes. Support of 4:2:2/4:4:4 formats
Designed to be a standard for industry-wide support: TICO compression technology will be available on multiple software and hardware technologies. Code, hardware IP-cores and software libraries can be licensed from intoPIX.
IntoPIX welcomes everybody at its booth (10.D31g) and at the Altera booth (10.A10) at IBC 2013 (September 13-17) to discover the new TICO compression and enjoy the first technology demos.

TICO is a smart solution to:

Support higher Data stream (HD, 4K, 8K …) in existing systems or networks using the available pipeline bandwidth.
Increase the number of streams or the stream resolution that could be supported in a multi-stream configuration
Reduce significantly the internal video bandwidth (and power consumption) in systems such as mobile devices, cameras, video servers and displays.
Increase with cost-effectiveness the storage or video buffer capacity.
Solve display link limitation on TV, monitor and mobile panel to carry larger resolutions than could be support by a display link with uncompressed images and video in real time.
Reduce the number of lanes in a display interface needed to transport a display stream in order to save power, cost, or both. Or even enable the use of a lower link rate for applications where high link rates may not be possible

Typical applications from HD to 4K/8K Ultra HD:

Digital Video Recorders
Video Servers, mixers , routers and switchers
Cameras (high-res, real-time or high speed)
Video monitor and displays
Frame grabbers and video capture devices
Video over IP systems
Industrial and surveillance
Cable extenders

For more information: keep an eye on the intoPIX website.

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