The Ghost V3, The Ghost Grip, and the Ghost Pro II, are ready to order via a Kickstarter campaign from SIC Visuals.


The Ghost V3 is 3-axis camera gimbal designed for both handheld and aerial cinematography. The V3’s patent pending mini rail system keeps the gimbal’s weight down, strengthens the frame, and allows easy adjusting.

Why the Ghost V3?

Weight, adjustability, and precise camera movement have been the three key focuses going into the development of the Ghost V3. We want the operator to have freedom and mobility in capturing their creative shots. If a gimbal is heavy, you need to use a secondary support system to hold your gimbal and camera. These systems limit your movement, cost more, and it’s more gear to bring from set to set. With the Ghost V3 and a lightweight camera you can operate all day long without any limitations.

The Ghost V3 uses a patent pending mini rail system for adjusting each axis. The rails can be changed out for different sizes, so you can balance any size camera. There is a weight limit of five pounds due to the torque of the motors, but the goal is to keep everything lightweight. If you need to support a heavier camera, then look into our Ghost Pro II, which can support up to 12lbs.

The Ghost Grip

The Ghost grip is the smallest gimbal from Ghost Gimbals, designed for smartphones and gopros.

This gimbal has been in development since before our previous kickstarter, however, we didn’t want to release it until we designed a consumer friendly version that was affordable.

The Ghost Grip is as easy as it gets. Just attach your phone and turn the power on.

Right now, we just have the prototype, but with the kickstarter funds we will be able to begin mass producing the Grip.

Depending on your pledge amount, you could end up with a Ghost V3, and a Ghost grip, or a Ghost Pro II. It is possible to get all three gimbals as well.

Ghost Gimbal V3 Rewards

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