AXSY has announced their Kickstarter campaign for the open source driven T-set slider…

Here are just some of the features from the campaign.

T-set slider

The AXSY T-Set! The most comprehensive, easy to use and affordable motion control set to date. Its advanced features give you numerous abilities whether you create video, timelapse, stop motion or astrophotography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional filmmaker, the AXSY T-Set brings you advanced motion control for a wide variety of cinematic techniques.

The Triaxis-set is made up of the Centric, Slide and three Spin smart motors. The standard length of the rails on Slide are 1 meter but are extendable to any length with our 50cm extension rails. It allows you to get linear and rotational motion control over your DSLR-camera or video-camera.

Three devices and an app. One goal. Centric, Slide and Spin

T-set slider

Centric and our app are the brains of the AXSY T-Set. If they are the brains then Spin and Slide are the brawn, providing you with sliding, panning and tilting motions.

Their only goal is to make it possible for you to get amazing shots!

Advanced Keyframing

T-set app

The app lets you easily switch between video and timelapse mode. You can program motions and recall them at anytime. The advanced timeline gives you very fine control of the motion you want to create. Bezier-curves let you set up awesome motion ramps for every axis. That is full motion control inside the palm of your hand.

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