Thanks to YouTube user BobHousedorf2 for a quick and concise summary about the Canon DSLR camera Wi-Fi security issues debacle that has surfaced…. He saves you nearly 53 minutes of geekdom by working out the Wi-Fi security loop hole in a nutshell comes down to Canon and other camera manufactures needing to add WPA, WEP, or some form of network encryption on the newer Wi-Fi enabled cameras. If no Wi-Fi security is in place it allows others direct access to your camera and they can view your photos and footage, upload their own images, or simply snoop on what you are seeing by turning the camera into a surveillance device and both see and capture what the lens sees.

OK, so I watched your WHOLE presentation. Basically, it comes down to:


If you buy a new Canon 6D, USE WEP, or, if the 6D doesn’t support WEP, don’t buy it.

(Or if it doesn’t support some form of advanced network connection encryption, like WPA)

Holy shi* guys, I mean seriously, nice detective work, but WHAT A WASTE OF MY AND OTHERS TIME!

1 Hour for all this?

I am NOT a security geek, and *I* could have presented this in like 5 minutes.

Here is the full 53 minutes from Shmoocon 2013 thanks to theprez98, where a Canon EOS-1D X DSLR camera is taken over:

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