Remember when there was that stupid pointless call to boycott UK company Vitec and all their divisions because some were offended they pursued court action, and won over LED technology in the USA.

Well grumpy cats will you take up arms and throw your wireless vision transmitters in the bin because the Vitec Group announced that it has acquired the California based company, Teradek which will form part of its Vitec Videocom division.

No?!!! Thought not. Will we see angry Tweets this time? Nah!!

Teradek Logo

Teradek is a world-leading provider of wireless HD video devices and platforms which are used in broadcast contribution and distribution, video production, webcasting and digital cinema. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are sold internationally.

The acquisition is in line with Vitec Videocom’s strategy to bring forward innovative products and solutions which improve its customers’ operational efficiency. Teradek’s low-cost, easy-to-use solutions sit firmly in the camera peripherals space and contribute to the transmission of exceptional images. Vitec Videocom will promote and sell Teradek’s products and solutions to its wider client-base.

Vitec Videocom CEO Matt Danilowicz commented: “Teradek is a tremendously exciting acquisition for Vitec Videocom. Whether it’s a cinema director seeking an on-set monitoring system, an ENG journalist transmitting breaking news from a challenging environment, or a professional videographer live-streaming his client’s ceremony, class or conference, Teradek’s products will enable us to provide an affordable solution for our customers’ wireless transmission requirements.”

Teradek employs approximately 60 people at its offices in Irvine, California. It was founded in 2008 by Nicol Verheem, a former GE engineer. Nicol, who will join the Vitec Videocom Divisional Management Team as part of the acquisition, commented: “This represents a major step forward for Teradek which I believe will expand our reach, fuel our continued growth and enhance our focus on product innovation. We will undoubtedly benefit from the resources and reach of Vitec Videocom and will embrace the opportunity to work alongside some of its other market-leading brands.”

Danilowicz concluded: “As a business, we are strengthened by the power of the brands which operate under the Vitec Videocom umbrella and are delighted that Teradek will contribute to our unbeatable range of solutions around the camera.”

Hit Vitec Videocom up for more information about the Teradek acquisition.

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