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The Timelapse of Building Wonders from Rob Tinworth on Vimeo.

Timelapse photography is an integral part of the upcoming NOVA/PBS series Building Wonders of the World, produced by Providence Pictures. The series broadcasts February 11, 18, and 25, 2015. Check local listings.

Timelapse emphasised not only how magnificent these structures are, but how long they have stood – over 1500 years. Each film of the three part series involves a building project. Timelapse captured the process and compressed several months into several seconds.

In Hagia Sophia, a team builds a scale model of the core structure and puts in on a shake table to investigate if the building will survive the next big earthquake to hit Istanbul.

In Petra, stone masons carve a Nabataean style tomb for the first time in 2,000 years.

And in Colosseum, a team of engineers and archaeologists rebuild an ancient Roman lift and trapdoor machine, install it in the monument itself, and raise a wolf into the arena.

The Petra carving timelapse was shot on a pair of solar powered GoPros over one month.

Everything else was shot on Canon 5Ds. The Motion control rig was an Emotimo on a Dynamic Perceptions Stage One slider.

Day to night shots were controlled with Camranger and processed with LRTimelapse.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos:

Read more about the series:

Read more about the kit: (Motion Control) (Digital Voodoo) (Slider) (you know what a gopro is) (solar enclosure and intervolometer) (wireless camera control)

Music: Ed Tomney
Animation: Handcranked

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