The Cave Shoulder Mount from Portuguese gear maker Cave, looks plush.

Cave Shoulder Mount 4

Cave Shoulder Mount is the perfect complement for your DSLR or compact camera. Designed and developed to perform as professional broadcast equipment, the distinctive design and weight distribution maximizes the center point of balance, enabling a true rest of the equipment on your shoulder and leading to a higher level of stability, maneuverability and comfort.

With the capacity to handle a wide range of accessories — viewfinders, mattebox’s, sound equipment, follow focus and others—, Cave Shoulder Mount is also compatible with VCT Wedge Mount for VCT-U14 plate and 1/4″ screw tripod plate.It’s ideal for single users, long hours of shooting, “run and gun” shooting or in situations where shooting in motion is needed. Camera operators must be in control, feeling the equipment…just like a race driver feels the car.

Cave Shoulder Mount 5

Cave Shoulder Mount 2

Cave Shoulder Mount 3

Cave Shoulder Mount 1

Please see Cave for more and their Cave Shoulder Mount.

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