The Sony FS100 PistolGrip top handle by Caleb Crosby is just $225:

Two piece design allows attachment without removing other kit. Lowest profile available. Saves space on rails. Extremely firm grab. won’t budge. Steel knurled locking ring A 3/8 Female on handle permits camera to be underslung. All production units come black anodized. Made in USA.

When I’m in the middle of it I want the simplest possible form factor for my camera. It’s on my shoulder, low handheld, over my head, changing lenses and adjusting settings. I’m all over that thing. I need it compact and “grab-able”. That’s one reason I don’t trust the current trend of robo cams. They look cool but just because you can build it does not mean it belongs there.

I started thinking about this handle while kitting out a DSLR last year. I bought a handle for over $200 that attached to a single lower rail- off kilter. It left the camera hanging in your hand like a sinking ship. I’d walk along with the camera hitting my leg all the time “Ow! Ouch, dang!”

So this thing was born on the streets of Boston with a DP staring at some overpriced thingo wondering “Is that what passes for DESIGN these days!”

See Caleb Crosby for more information.

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