The new SmallHD 7.7-inch AC7-OLED monitor is $1099, which is less than half the going rate of alternative OLED on-camera monitors. Using the latest advancements provided by Super AMOLED Plus technology, the AC7-OLED represents the best OLED display in the world, providing a near-perfect black point, extremely high contrast, precise shadow detail, a superior color gamut, high bit depth, and a native resolution greater than 720p.

“The picture quality is absolutely stunning,” says Dale Backus, SmallHD’s CTO and designer of the AC7-OLED. “Put it next to any popular LCD display and this OLED will make it look nearly ‘black and white’ in comparison—it almost feels like an optical illusion, but that’s just what happens when your eye sees such a vivid image next to something not-so-vivid. One glance and you’re spoiled. I can’t stop looking at it.”

“Wes Phillips, CEO: “Not only does the AC7-OLED provide a true 720p resolution that’s important for dialing in critical focus, it tops the industry in contrast, black point, color gamut and bit depth, areas where the older 5.6” 1280×800 panel found on many current on-camera monitors is severely lacking. We’re going beyond advancements in resolution—the AC7-OLED allows you to finally see the colors your HD camera is actually capturing.”

Pricing and Availability:
The SmallHD AC7-OLED and AC7-OLED-SDI models are being offered for a short time at the special introductory price of $1099 and $1399 respectively. This new breed of on-camera monitor will start shipping in mid December 2012 and is only available for purchase through SmallHD.

For the science behind why the AC7-OLED is superior to today’s popular LCD displays, visit the “Why OLED?” page on SmallHD.

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