Freefly Systems is now fulfilling pre-orders on the new MōVI M5 handheld camera stabilizer. The MōVI M5 has a list price of $4,995.

Freefly MoVI M5

The MōVI M5 is a three axis digital stabilizer designed to capture incredibly stable footage on a variety of shooting platforms. The M5 was designed for cameras including the Canon 5D, Nikon D800, Panasonic GH4 and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

“The introduction of the MōVI M5 to the cinematography industry brings with it the technological innovations of the MōVI M10, but at a price point appealing to productions of all scales,” says Tabb Firchau, President of Freefly Systems.

Freefly Systems’ proprietary software and brushless direct drive system are what allow the MōVI M5 to stabilize footage in demanding shooting environments. The stabilizer was 100% custom designed and built in-house by the Freefly engineering and production teams at the company’s new headquarters.

The MōVI M5’s Majestic Mode allows for a single operator to intuitively control the pointing of the stabilizer by moving the handles without compromising the stabilization of the image. The M5 takes the operator’s movements and intelligently converts them into stabilized pan and tilt movements. This allows for very low profile single operator setup and accurate framing in tight situations. The system can also be controlled with a second operator, who controls the framing of a shot remotely using an optional radio controller.

The M5 draws on the advanced stabilization technology originally developed for the MōVI M10, which was released last year and has since been used on productions including The Wolf of Wall Street and Game of Thrones. With the release of the MōVI

M5, Freefly aims to bring big budget camera moves to a wider range of productions through the system’s compact form factor and approachable design.

Weighing just 4.75 lb / 2.15 kg and with a camera cage measuring 130mm (length) x 180mm (width) x 120mm (height), the M5 supports a maximum payload of 5 lb / 2.27 kg with compatible camera / lens combinations. This solution features a fully enclosed camera cage for maximum rigidity and shot stability, as well as fully protected wiring and an improved adjustable camera plate. Other advancements include simplified tool-less balancing and a quick release top handle for rapid adjustment. The unit may also be configured in “Inverted Mode” for a more comfortable eye level camera angle.

The complete system including the MōVI M5, stand and 2 batteries with charger is available for $4,995. A radio controller for Dual Operator Mode is available as an optional accessory.

The MōVI M5 is available from and from authorised MōVI dealers worldwide. Estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks from purchase date.

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