Randy Nolen from MK-V Omega gave ElectricTV a demo of their MK-V AR AutoRotation camera system at Cine Gear 2014.

MK-V AR Systems

The top of the range system is the Auto-leveling Revolution System (A-R). This gives Operators the ability to shoot from ground level to 8 feet, and Automatically change modes in less than a second. The camera and monitor are stabilized, no matter the angle of the sled. The A-R and Nexus Systems are leading the way in which body mounted camera stabilization is defined – Operators are finding new and unique ways of creating shots that were once impossible, and allowing a whole new way of moving the camera and telling the story.
The MK-V AR System is being used to shoot whole films and commercials, with added production value and savings for production.

No matter the budget the MK-V AR makes a huge difference.

Please hit up MK-V Omega for more information.

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