I have an Ambient Recording Boom Pole “Quickpole” QP.

I rate it highly.

In fact the Rode boom pole that I have has never been used apart from opening it up and looking at it because it’s not in the same league as a Quickpole.

I refuse to use it. The Ambient Recording Quickpole wins every time over a Rode boom pole, in my professional opinion.

Here is a little video showing just how special the Ambient Recording Quickpole is.

Handmade Quality Product for Sound Professionals.

The tubes used for our products are not off the shelf items but specially manufactured to our own specification using expensive Hi Q modulus carbon fibres. Both ranges have been carefully designed to match different requirements.

Due to a special construction using cross windings the heavy duty tube of the QP series is very strong in compression mode, increasing stiffness and preventing buckling at long extended lengths with excellent strength to weight ratio.

Having the reputation of being the stiffest on the market these heavy duty poles have become the premium choice for feature film recordists.

Fully extended to more than 5 meters the QP 4140 is the longest CF boom which can hold a Sennheiser MKH 816 with complete windshield accessory.

This boom won’t break — contrary to the boom op!

The lighter material used in the QX series is an all new development. The homogeneous compound of carbon fibre epoxy gives an excellent stiffness at minimal weight and a nice surface feel predestining it for ENG, TV and studio work.

For more: Ambient Recording.

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