Check out the Universal Kinetic Gimbal Controller: The Link from Advanced Cinema Robotic Systems, ACR.

The Link – Universal Kinetic Gimbal Controller from ACR Systems on Vimeo.

The Link is basically an RC receiver module but thanks to some advanced electronics it can also serve as a transmitter. You can pair one of The Links with any piece of gear you can think of and control the other Link attached to your stabiliser – possibilites are endless! For even more awesomeness The Link features various advanced functions that will come in handy on different occasions.

Our system is compatible with every gimbal that can receive PWM or SBUS signal. The current list of compatible stabilisers is as follows:
– ACR The Plus (previously BeSteady ONE Plus)
– BeSteady ONE
– ACR The Beast (previously BeSteady FOUR)
– FreeFly MoVI M5
– FreeFly MoVI M10 (both versions)
– FreeFly MoVI M15
– DJI Ronin
– DJI Ronin-M
– BaseCam SBGC based gimbal with 8-bit or 32-bit CPU, with or without encoders, that has got S.BUS or PWM sockets

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