Some questions have been answered about the soon to be released Kick light from Rift Labs. We have covered the Kick light HERE, and HERE previously. One question answered is just “how far does the light reach?” So in order to give some sort of meaningful answer to the Kick light reach question, the guys borrowed a theater to make some example shots.

A huge pitch black room, black walls, a single Kick Plus and an iPhone 4S camera:

The combination of the iPhone and the Kick gives a “reach” of around 6.5 ft (2 m). If you use a more light sensitive camera, like a modern DSLR, the images 10 ft (3 m) and beyond will be brighter and less muddy. Your “reach” will be longer. It is determined by the sensitivity of the camera and the strength of the light.

Check some more shots with a single Kick light:

See Rift Labs Kickstarter page for more on the Kick light.

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