Need a smoother slider ride? Try the Kessler TruCoast Precision Flywheel for total movement control on your slider.

TruCoast Precision Flywheel from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.

When working manually with a camera slider, the “feel” of the movement can be the difference between smooth and consistent motion and shots that have noticeable and distracting variance in the camera movement. The TruCoast™ Precision Flywheel is the solution. By adding the TruCoast™ Precision Flywheel to a Kessler fixed-length camera slider, users will instantly notice how easy it is to maintain control when operating the camera and how consistent getting the perfect shot becomes. By utilizing the camera slider’s accessory lug or the Pocket Dolly® handle lug, users can add the TruCoast™ Precision Flywheel in seconds and add valuable inertia that enhances manual control of the camera slider.

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