Whispers were out there that the busy bees at Jag35 were tinkering away at an Electronic Remote Follow Focus, and low and behold bang it is true. Be sure to skip down to the price.

Jag35 Electronic remote Follow Focus System from jehu Garcia on Vimeo.

An entry level remote follow focus system that will not only be easy to use but also easy on your pocket. Available in a wired configuration initially it will be compatible to a wireless system scheduled to be released in spring of 2011.

The Wired system is based around the W1 a small and light, 15mm rod mountable controller that works on 6Vdc, Power can be provided using the included LP-E6 power Plate or it can be used with our Li-On battery system. The controller can be installed on any 15mm rod and adjusted to be in reach of your hands even while holding the handles of a shoulder rig.

There are 3 motor models, The J1 motor is the most basic, It rotates the lens barrel 150° so its compatible with most Canon still lenses. The J2 motor has metal internal gears and is higher torque, and faster speed, it also rotates the lens barrel 150°.
The J3 motor, is the fastest out of all three models. Its designed for the longer throw lenses made by canon like the 85mm f1.2. This motor rotates the lens barrel 200°
All 3 motors are compatible with the W1 controller and will also be compatible with a future wireless controller. All pieces will be available separately and bundled in kits ready to be used.
J1 Motor $139
J2 Motor $159
J3 Motor $199
M1 Controller $159
LP-E6 plate $49
3.5mm control cable $9.99

Release Date is scheduled for 01-01-2011

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