ikan have the next version of their DSLR USB Remote Grip revision 2. Cinescopophilia showed you the original ikan USB Remote Grip HERE.

Tested on the Canon 5D MKII, 7D, 5D MKIII, and T2i. Once ikan get their C300 back from CineGear they will be testing it as well. The results? Consistent and potentially very useful according to ikan.

Features include:

function stepping option (3 modes) to change button functionality
record start/stop (classic red button)
autofocus in live view mode (and if the camera supports it, during recording)
live view on/off button
focus in/out on autofocus lenses
adjust aperture
takes two AA batteries
2 x 1/4 20tpi mounting holes, on same axis
ergonomic handle to replace the current handle on your shooting rig
easy setup
list price will be around $299–not confirmed.

See ikan at their website: ikan.

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