The modular Led Light Cube from IC12 Melbourne Australia is both a continuous video light source and a flash light, making it one versatile piece of lighting kit.

IC12 Led Light Cube

We wanted to create a light that offers the versatility that image-makers require, which means there’s no need to have different lights for different purposes anymore – a kit of LED Light Cubes does it all.

As the name suggests, The LED Light Cube is a light. And it’s a cube. But what makes it so special is its speed, size, portability, light output and battery power – and it’s both a video light and a flash.

The IC12 Led Light Cube Features:

Continuous high speed flashing at full power
High capacity – over 1000 flashes from a single battery charged to full power
300 watts (f22 @ 1 metre / 100 ISO)
Stackable for building versatile light banks
Adjustable flash speed – 1/8000 secs to 30 secs
5500k colour temperature
Stable colour temperature, even while power levels are adjusted
Dimmable video light
Noiseless. No internal fan. No added noise on film production.
Master control – one unit controls those interlocked (master/slave)
Modelling light feature
Fully portable with internal battery
Trigger remotely via synch cable, wireless trigger or as a light sensitive slave
Size: 100mm (approx. 4 inches) x 100mm x 100mm
Weight: 0.750kg (approx. 1.65 lbs)

LED Light Cube

The main features of The LED Light Cube are completely unique to the worldwide market, making the product quite literally incomparable: Continuous high speed flashing at full power even at bursts of 15 frames per second; adjustable flash speed from one eight-thousands (1/8000) of a second to 30 seconds; ultra high performance, internal lithium ion polymer battery; interlocking capability for building light banks with extra units; and all-in-one flash and video lighting for immediate swapping from stills to motion picture.

Even before its initial production run, IC12 has decided to premiere The LED Light Cube on the crowdfunding website so to open it up to those keen to be a part of the ‘movement’ right from the beginning and enjoy a fundamental role in bringing this illuminating device to a greater audience.

“People, especially first-responders, aren’t satisfied with just buying a product anymore,” explains Nathan Oxley. “It’s about having ownership over a particular technology and knowing you had the foresight to jump on the bandwagon from the beginning. That’s why we’re asking people to ‘Become a Cubist’ – not just purchase the product. We think our Cube is going to really excite photographers and filmmakers, so we want them to share in it.”

For more information about the IC12 Led Light Cube please see and check out their Indiegogo campaign.

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