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One of the most revolutionary and now essential pieces of camera support equipment, is the hydraulic camera dolly.

The Hybrid 4 Camera Dolly at Chapman UK

Chapman Leonard’s brand new camera Dolly, the Hybrid 4 continues the evolution of a design process that reflects the unique knowledge and experience, acquired by building class leading grip equipment for the film industry for over fourty years and it is now available from Chapman UK.

The Hybrid IV is the Swiss army knife of camera grip equipment. Adaptable to work in the studio or on location on any gauge of camera track, it can deliver amazing production value to the end user through its compatibility with small crane arms and it has the flexibility to work like a small Dolly or scale up to offer all the benefits of a large mobile camera platform. You’ll be amazed at what the Hybrid IV can bring to your production.

In the Hybrid IV you’ll find a camera Dolly that gives you the precise control, ease of use and safe operation, expected in today’s film and television industry and it’s available to hire today from Chapman UK, the exclusive suppliers of the latest Chapman Leonard Grip Equipment in Britain and Europe.

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