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The Grip & The Link – Kickstarter sneak peak! from ACR Systems on Vimeo.

We would like to share with you this awesome news! After months of hard work we're hitting Kickstarter. Maybe you have already seen the sneak peek from NAB 2015, but here it is – The Grip & The Link!

The Grip is a kinetic controller for gimbals. It allows you to move the camera intuitively in real-time with your body movements. No complex configuration is required and there is no need to practice which is usually the case with classic RC devices. The stabilizers just points where you want it to point – it all comes to your arms position. Without any artificial barriers only your creativity is the limit of what you can achieve. This is the future of camera positioning.

The Link is basically an RC receiver module but thanks to some advanced electronics it can also serve as a transmitter. That means that using two Links allows you to build your own Grip. You can pair one of The Links with any piece of gear you can think of and control the other Link attached to your stabiliser – possibilites are endless! For even more awesomeness The Link features various advanced functions that will come in handy on different occasions.

Kickstarter project starts: May 18th, Monday noon GMT+0
Link will be active when project campaign will go live.

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