When this website started we could easily have become a rumour only site. We have had good contacts and good fortune over the years and managed to break some good stories about cameras coming before anyone else. However thank goodness we opted to cover gear that is actually out more so than concentrating on hearsay.

ambarella a9 in sport camera

Now for some reason lately we have become the camera rumour police, issuing Blogging infringements for erroneous posts about cameras that are just not coming. The last tickets delivered were of course for the wacky Canon C200 and C400 coming to NAB hoax.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you look to your left you will see that the smartly dressed Captain Obvious is flying solo on the GoPro Hero 4 specs and release date are disclosed rumour. The latest silly GoPro scuttlebutt doing the rounds off the back of an eos hd post comes from a DGISE Tumblr article written way back in September 25th 2013… Dramatic pause… and repeat the date: September 25th of 2013!

Now that date should have had enough time to set off alarm bells with your excitement levels. It was a pretty timely article written in hope for the expected October camera announcement by GoPro back in 2013.

The article isn’t so new anyway as it’s allegedly a rehash of a Wide Open Camera post which of course was also late to the party as well. Many fine folk covered the Ambrella A9 details on Twitter when the SocC was announced at the start of last year.

Ambrella the company at the centre of the some what puzzling rumour published all the information about the A9 SoC chip way back on January 8th 2013. That’s a full 15+ months for the latest GoPro Hero 4 camera rumour to have marinated / manifested.

The thing is, is that it didn’t. The rumour never matured, instead it become a stray mangy mutt being feed by imbeciles allowing it to stay alive.

Ambrella A9 SoC Camera

If you do want to see the Ambrella A9 SoC in action then a quick search on Alibaba reveals there are a few cameras rocking the A9.

When the GoPro Hero 4 or what ever it gets called comes out be sure to wake us up before you Go-Go.

#Camera pics are from manufactures advertising on Alibaba rocking the the A9 SoC.

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