The latest gem to surface via a Google Cached page is the price for the Genus GoPro Cage.

The Price is stated at $99, and now we see that it has gone live. So get your order in for a Genus GoPro Cage.

Genus GoPro Cage from Genustech

Oh Google Cached pages you have been good to Cinescopophilia over the years.

Pricing for the Genus GoPro Cage was going to be revealed at SMPTE in Sydney 23 July – 26 July, but maybe we spotted the price too early?

Genus GoPro Cage Price $99

Seriously $99 is going to be hard to beat for what the Genus GoPro Cage offers. Plus it’s not like it’s an inferior Kickstarter number priced way too high.

Genus GoPro Cage

Genus GoPro Cage from Genustech Details:

GoPro Mount adaptor allows 14 different mounting positions.
30 separate mounting positions using ¼”-20 threaded holes.
6 separate 3/8″-16 threaded holes.
52mm Filter Thread built into the cage, allowing for protective and effects filters, and lens adaptors.
Precision CNC Aluminum housing for 360 degree protection, featuring back plate with rear mounting option.
Accessibility Window to allow for HDMI output and USB external Power
Naked GoPro Adaptor Shims, allowing the use of camera without the waterproof housing in order to combat lens fogging issues.
Safety line anchor point, to allow for attachment of lanyards, Carabiners etc.
Can sit the GoPro camera flat on a surface whilst in the waterproof housing.
Mounting position for the cage allows the camera lens to be centered optically with a tripod or other camera mount.

Contact Genustech and put your pre-order in for the Genus GoPro Cage in Black or Champagne now for $99.

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