The Genie! A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control and image capture for Time Lapse Photography + more. The Genie is an all-in-one device used to combine image capture with motion control, capable of either panning or linear movement that’s commonly used in Time Lapse Photography. Simply attach your camera to the top of the Genie, plug it in, and program it to move and shoot to your desired needs.

The Panning and Linear accessories provide ultimate flexibility for a range of movement and it’s transportable size means you will never have to go without the option of motion controlled Time Lapses no matter how constrained your location may be.


  • Panning and linear motion control with one device
  • Attaches to any existing film equipment i.e. Dolly, Slider, Jib Arm etc…
  • Auto start function through either or both a timer or sensor input
  • Ramp-in, ramp-out function
  • Preview function allows for revision of recording movement prior to recording.
  • User programmable presets so you can save your settings and easily revert back to them on the next shoot
  • Factory presets allow for instant shooting straight out of the box
  • Auto power off
  • Return to home repeat
  • Sensor input allows for the use of any type of sensor including; motion sensor, light sensor, sound sensor and many more
  • Programmable panning and tracking shots
  • Please visit SYRP for more on the Genie.

    Take a look at the Kickstarter campaign for the Genie.

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